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It’s been 6 weeks since we launched Artish and we’re feeling so grateful for the love and support we’ve been getting from everyone. Raleigh is a small city with a big creative and entrepreneurial scene and they’ve really embraced us.

We’re gearing up for an event at the Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) in October where some of our pieces will be on display and on play (see what we did there?!). And after October, we’re going to start selling select products in the CAM Shop – gulp! That’s a huge deal for us since we set business goals when we first opened the studio, and one of our big goals was to enter the art museum retail space. Our products, with their mix of art, creation and interactivity (not to mention they just plain look gooooood (or so we’ve been told)!) are a good fit for art museum shops.

More coming soon on this but for now: thanks for following us, tell your friends, send us your ideas. See ya at CAM in a few weeks!  

abby ross