At the intersection of art and play

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The Artish Philosophy

At Artish, we want everyone to be an artist or designer. And we think art should be affordable, playful and accessible to anybody. That's why we design and make products that are interactive and flexible, built with modular pieces. So all you need to bring is the creativity.

Our products are built with play and movement and change in mind. We know that change is inevitable - moods, styles, needs evolve. And we know that people are inherently creative and dynamic.

Our philosophy is to build products with that desire for change and expression as an integral element into the design and function of each piece.

Want a new color? Flip it over.

Need a bigger table? Choose a larger top.

Tired of your same old art? Build your own.

We strive to design products that are never static and always unique.

How we make it

We make all of our products in North Carolina: from folding steel, to cutting plywood on the CNC router, to lacquer coating metal. We use only the finest materials and through many design iterations optimize materials usage during the fabrication process. And because we personally design and make each piece, it means we also inspect and test each piece before it's sent to you.

About us

We're a design studio based in Raleigh, NC. Our team is made up of Courtney Evans, Abby Ross and Lauren Diaz. We collectively have degrees and training in architecture, industrial engineering, graphic design, interior design, branding, digital visualization and fabrication.

We've been designing and making things all our lives. We've felt the rush that comes from creating something new and unique, putting your own fingerprint on it. Artish Studio was born out of our hope to bring that same feeling to you.